9 Biggest SEO Mistakes – Bloggers Often Make


The shocking fact that nearly 24% of the Web Designers don’t even know What SEO is. SEO is (and should) be an integral part of webdesign. If you don’t get any traffic to your website/blog, then what is the point to create one.

Before becoming an SEO expert and starting infinite ways to boost your traffic, I think it is more than necessary to first know “WHAT SHOULD NOT BE DONE”. After all it is just like learning without falling, ask them who have learnt these facts the hard way.

So following are the 9 Biggest SEO Mistakes – Bloggers Often Make

1. Messy Design
If your site or blog’s design is messy, sloppy, hard to navigate, a rainbow of colors that don’t match or are hard on the eye, or full of errors, you will instantly go down the drain. Make sure that your navigation is proper i.e each page is linked to every other page. Avoid using too many colors. to make design SEO friendly you can see this.

2. Using 3rd Party Domain
If you are using 3rd party domains like Blogger, WordPress etc. First of all you are aways at their mercy,that is you can’t customize your own way. They also have plenty of limitations. Moreover if you have your own domain people will more easily remember your URL. And I bet that if you have your domain, you will get more traffic.

3. Messy URL’s
If you’re using WordPress and are using their messy URLs (Like www.yoursite.com/?p=123) , you’d better get this plugin to switch to the URLs that include the date and post name in the link. Using that plugin will not make you lose your search engine stats or anything, it is a redirect.

4. Writing Posts Full of Texts
When a post is full of just text, it can get boring. However, (and this depends on your niche). But just be careful because you don’t want to get too cluttered.

5. Using Images Without Tags/Attributes
When you have an image in your post, it should always be tagged properly. Make sure the width and height are clearly defined. But most importantly, fill out the alt and title tags with the image’s keywords. Otherwise Search Engines won’t be able to identify it, moreover by doing this you will increase your keyword density.

6. Using Java Script Menus
Using JavaScript for navigation is not bad, but search engines do not read JavaScript. So if you have JavaScript menus you can’t do without, you should consider build a sitemap (or putting the links in a noscript tag) so that all your links will be crawlable.

7. Lack of Keywords in the Content
Once you focus on your keywords, modify your content and put the keywords wherever it makes sense. It is even better to make them bold or highlight them. But don’t overuse it. Keyword stuffing in the Title Tag is looked at as search engine spam (not good). But it might be smart to repeat the same word in different ways:

“Photo Tips & Photography Techniques for Great Pictures” “Photo” and “Photography” are the same word repeated twice but in different ways because your audience might use either one when performing a search query. According to many bloggers the ideal keyword density is around 3% to 10%.

8. Exceeding 65 Character Limit of Post Titles
Many bloggers write very long post titles. So what? In search engine result pages, your title tag is used as the link heading. You have about 65 characters (including spaces) to get your message across or risk it getting cutoff.

9. Writing Just For Money
Yes its true “Never Write for Money” rather write for humans. Here I might sound like a Spiritual Guru giving some philosophical advice and it might also sound quite contradicting, but its true. Many bloggers often forget that they are writing for humans.

What I am trying to say here is that if in all your posts you sound extremely business-like, never mention yourself, only talk about the same thing all the time, or are 100% perfect, it could actually send people away. I’m not telling you to be sloppy, talk about yourself all the time, stray from your topic, or make a lot of mistakes. But let your readers know you’re like them too and that you have some things in common.


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