7 Best Useful Social Media Tools To Increase Network


Well we all know how important Social Media is for any blogger. To get your post go viral in social media, your network on social media sites plays a very crucial role. Once you have a large network on social mediasites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook etc. It becomes quite cumbersome to manage your accounts and networks on these sites. Merely managing accounts and network on social media does not serve the purpose, but also knowing the stats related to traffic being generated from these sites help us to use social media in a better way.

So we have compiled some useful social media tools to help you to grow your network in a better way.

So here is the DailyTechPost compilation of “7 Best Useful Social Media Tools To Increase Network

1. Hootsuite

This tool can be termed as Ultimate Twitter Web client. Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media accounts. Schedule your messages. Manage your social media accounts online and link up with your traffic stats in Google Analytics. It also offers many features like :-

  • Manage your followers easily, see who is following you and who is not.
  • WordPress Integration – View, manage, schedule and post directly to your WordPress blog from HootSuite.
  • File Uploads – Upload images and files right into your messages. The files are instantly converted into super-short Owly links for space saving and easy sharing.
  • Autotweeting – It will automatically tweet your blog post with the latest updated post via your feeds. You just have to add your feed address and select the profile from which you want to auto-tweet.

Other than the above-listed features it also allows its users to schedule their tweets, manage Twitter list and customize URL’s. [link]

2. Untweeps

Untweep is a simple application that enables you to cleanup your follower list. It shows you who has not tweeted in 30, 60, or 90 days. So tidy-up your Twitter account by finding the accounts you’re following which have gone stale. It provides login via both the traditional username/password method as well as the new OAuth method.

In case you don’t want to unfollow someone who hasn’t been tweeting, simply put them in whitelist. Although it is free to use but if you want to use UnTweeps more than three times per month, or check for slightly stale Twitters, periods under 15 days, you must purchase an UnTweeps Pro account, which is $1.37 for 3 days or $5 per month subscription.

3. Topsy

Topsy is basically a search engine of social media sites. Find the top influencers to connect with and help retweet your messages, based on a keyword query. Find whats happening on  the world of Social media.

4. Flowtown

It is a customer insight tool to find which social media sites your customers and contacts are using. Flowtown proves to be elemental in deciding your social media marketing strategies.

5. Pitchengine

Promote your press releases to social media channels. Spread the news about a business, organization or event and easily share it with your social networks, search engines or next door neighbor. It’s the new way to get found.

6. SWix

SWIX is a social media analytics tool that helps you track, monitor and analyze your account data from more than twenty different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other popular platforms. It also provides site owners a number of tools to better manage social media tactics through analytics and reporting. One tool that many will find helpful is the Worksheet — an overview of all your social media campaigns in one screen.

7. TubeMogul

Track online video viewership trends and statistics on video sites like YouTube and get rich metrics from your own video player with TubeMogul. Distribute your videos to many video-sharing sites.

Have you used any of these tools? Then do share your opinions with us


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