IPhone Security and how to you add extra protection besides the built-in functionality.

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Smartphones are widely used in our daily lives. In the article, we will look at some of the security features and apps for the iPhone, one of the most popular smartphones.

Nowadays, many choose to use smartphones due to its various functions. People use it to access their online accounts either for work or to socialize. Some may even carry along sensitive data in their smartphone; therefore, security is vital in choosing the right smartphone. We had already discussed Security Apps for Android and now it is our turn to look into another popular smartphone – iPhone.

Apple which is known for creating stable operating systems has developed the iPhone which is a popular choice among smartphone users. The iPhone is installed with an iPhone operating system known as iOS which is readily equipped with some security features. Passcode Lock is a feature in which you can choose to configure your phone to be locked and only access it by using a 4-digit passcode. There is also an “Erase Data” feature which will wipe out all information in you iPhone after 10 failed attempts. This is an excellent feature to protect your data in case your iPhone gets lost or stolen.

There are various security applications for use on an iPhone. Security Organizer and SplashID are applications that manage your usernames and passwords. All of your usernames and passwords are stored in a database and is secured with a master password which is encrypted securely. You will only need to remember one username and password to access all of your accounts.

Big Brother Security:

Another cool security application you can install is the Big Brother Security which snaps photos of several action prompts like when someone enters a password either it is wrong or right. It will also provide the GPS location and time stamp. This is definitely a great way to know who have been fiddling around with your iPhone. However, this app had been pulled down by Apple. We hope that the author will appeal and resubmit his application to App Store in future.

Firewall IP:

It is great to have a firewall installed to prevent first-level attacks from gaining access into your iPhone. You can use Firewall IP to block and manage outgoing iPhone connections. Firewall IP is only available in the Cydia Store and it costs $2.99.

Folder Lock or iDiscrete:

Folder Lock or iDiscrete are applications designed to encrypt a variety of file types which provides support for iPhone. This is a vital application to install if you need to carry sensitive data in your iPhone.

There will always be a way for an attacker to get what they want from you. There are many ways someone can get into your phone and steal your personal information as well as sensitive data. It could be by gaining access through an application vulnerability or even as simple as using clever social engineering techniques. Therefore, it is best that users make use of the security features readily available and take precautions by installing essential security applications.

Now in the Latest update, you can use your face as a phone lock to unlock the phone. There are many new features is added to which can work clearly without any problem. There are many new updates in work which is very helpful in future. Now if front the other face on your iPhone then it will not open the lock. If you like this article then share it with your friends on social media sites.


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